December, 2010

Jim and Kit

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The Morning Dove family lost two of its most important members this week.  On Wednesday afternoon we said farewell to our big strong Jim.  Although he must have been struggling, Jim did not show signs of pain until after the fall session had ended.  Thursday afternoon heartache struck again as our beloved Kit joined her friend – after a long fought battle, we made the decision to give her eternal peace.  Words cannot express the heartache that we all feel at the loss of these two incredible horses.  Even until the end they were teaching us, touching us and giving us all their love; surrounded by the people that loved them daily they went to sleep peacefully.

Both Jim and Kit were extraordinary horses – the type of horses that therapy programs dream of.   They put the needs of their riders first, always taking care of the precious souls astride them.  They longed for their riders, lived and fought for their riders.  Jim was never more in his glory than when he carried one of his riders.  From little girls to grown men, Jim gave his riders a sense of pride.  Each step was deliberate, each tuck of his head more beautiful than the last – a true gentleman, Jim would respond so eagerly to what was asked of him.  Kit was a natural mother.  Her riders were her babies and she took great care of them.  She loved to be around her kids and would get very upset if she saw another horse carrying one of her riders.  She knew them all, their fears, their balance, their desires and she strove to make them the best they could be.  Kit’s soft eyes and gentle nose made her one of the kindest horses in the barn.

Although we will mourn for Kit and Jim and the barn will never be the same without them, we are eternally grateful for the time that we had with them.  They were the true heroes of Morning Dove and changed thousands of lives, and we thank them for everything that they did.  We love them very much and they will remain in our hearts forever.



To our beloved Jim and Kit,

Well done, good and faithful servants.  Rest in eternal peace – we love you!

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