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Currently we are looking for a few horses to join the Morning Dove team:

  1. A gentle “giant” – 15.3-16.1h draft/draft cross
  2. THE perfectly gentle, quiet smallish horse 15 – 15.2 hands
  3. Child and play loving Pony – 13-14.2h 

All of our horses must be:

  • Old enough to know better (10+ years old) and young enough to still LOVE teaching our students (under 18 years old)
  • Well trained under saddle – walk, trot, canter – direct rein at a minimum.
  • Sturdy and healthy – we walk and trot and trail ride all the time!
  • VERY level headed and easy going
  • Slow and steady – startle reaction is STOP
  • NOT startled by loud noises, traffic, balls, and toys
  • Love and trust people and are very social
  • NOTE: for the safety and wellbeing of horses and riders, horses qualified for the Morning Dove program must have normal vision in both eyes, suffer NO chronic lameness or health issues (for example, no navicular, ring bone, moderate or worse arthritis), no history of EPM.

Morning Dove prefers to care lease its horse team members – we want you to stay a part of their lives! They need to know there is a happy place for them to retire when they are ready. Under special circumstances, we will consider a donation. ALL horses (whether leased on donated) must participate in a trial period of at least 30 days (and Pass) before they are invited to join the therapy team.

If you know of a horse that might make a great therapy horse, please contact Sarah Holden at or 317-733-9393.


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