At Morning Dove summer is a flurry of equine programs. While we continue to offer Therapeutic Riding lessons and Hippo Therapy, we also offer a few special summer programs: CampAbility; A Horse Like Me; and, special programs with partner community agencies.

CampAbility with Easter Seals Crossroads

Morning Dove has a special relationship with Easter Seals Crossroads, an organization dedicated to working with children and adults with disabilities or special needs. We have developed a unique equine experience as part of the Camp Ability program. Each week during the program, the Easter Seals kids attend a half day program at Morning Dove where they enjoy horseback riding, grooming ponies, playing games, and doing crafts, all related to the horse and the farm. This program is designed specifically to promote the Easter Seals goals of improving growth, independence and dignity. For more information please contact Easter Seals Crossroads directly at 317-466-1000.

Summer Programs

A Horse Like Me

A Summer Experience for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

A Horse Like Me is offered in partnership with St. Vincent Pediatric Rehabilitation. This is a 6 week summer program that meets once each week for 2 hours. The focus of the program is social and communication skills through equine assisted activities, both mounted and unmounted. Horses can be very effective teachers helping children with ASD become more aware of others, better communicators and better teammates. Being highly skilled in non-verbal body language, the horse is the perfect teacher. The horse’s intuitiveness and non-judgmental nature creates a safe learning environment for students.

During the 9-week course students will work with PATH International certified instructors and St. Vincent occupational, physical or speech therapists to reach social, behavioral and motor goals. The curriculum will focus on topics such as meeting new friends, body language, personal hygiene, giving and following directions and confidence building. The student will interact with the horse primarily in unmounted activities, and at the end of the program, on the back of the horse.

Please call St. Vincent Pediatric Rehabilitation Center directly at (317) 338-Grow (4769) for information about A Horse Like Me!