Horses Wanted

Morning Dove is looking for a few special horses to join our team! Horses (14.3-16.2h) – sturdy, sound at walk/trot/canter, and friendly.

Horses that are successful in our program share a few special traits:

  • Love people and being around people
  • Patient
  • Reaction to the unusual is to stop or just be curious
  • Sound – no lameness, back soreness, or other lingering health issues
  • Ability to comfortably walk, trot, and canter in the arena and on the trail
  • Generally teenagers are the most successful – old enough to know things but young enough to still want to learn a few new things

Morning Dove horses are typically care-leased from owners who want to stay in their horse’s lives and have a place for them to retire when the time comes. We will accept a horse as a donation under the right circumstances for the horse, owner, and Morning Dove.

All horses come to Morning Dove on a trial basis for at least 45 days before a final decision is made. This gives the horse, Morning Dove, and owners a chance to see if it is the right fit all around.

Contact Abigail Schounce at or call 317-733-9393 if you think your horse might be a good fit for the Morning Dove team.