Our Programs

Morning Dove offers several programs for children and adults with physical, cognitive, behavioral and/or emotional disabilities.

Therapeutic riding sessions build physical strength and motor abilities, as well as encouraging emotional growth and development through a relationship with horses.

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Our array of facilitated programs use horses to provide instruction for students or at-risk youth and adults. We can even create a custom catered session for your group.

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Our companion programs teach related skills of horse care, handling, and grooming to our riding students. These are also available to visiting individuals or school groups.

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Equine assisted activities and therapies help individuals in many ways, including:

​​Build trusting and accepting relationships with horses, their certified instructor, peers and trained volunteers
Improve their core strength, balance, and coordination
​Gain confidence, improve self-esteem and increase self-sufficiency, and even reduce anxiety
​​Learn critical planning and problem solving skills and leadership