Special Programs

Barn Buddies

Barn Buddies is a winter program for our riders – giving them the opportunity to learn about the care of our horses, basic horse handling techniques, tacking and grooming, and just spending ground time with their favorite horses during our off months.  Participants in this program are invited by their instructors to participate.

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On the Farm

On the Farm is our version of field trips!  2-4 hour visit, tour, horse-related activities, especially fun for:

  • School groups
  • Groups such as adult day programs, retirement homes, rehabilitation programs, inpatient programs
  • Boy/Girl Scout type merit badge activities

To discuss your organization’s goals and potential opportunities to partner with Morning Dove to serve your clients, please contact us!

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Camp Dove

Camp Dove is a summer camp for existing or new riders. Kids will learn about the care of our horses, basic horse handling techniques, tacking and grooming, and the basics of riding with their favorite horses a week during the summer.

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Music Therapy

 Music Therapy is a clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions used to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed MT-BC. Music Therapy is a well-established allied health profession similar to speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. It consists of therapeutically using music to address physical, psychological, cognitive, behavioral and/or social emotional functioning.

Because music therapy is a powerful and non-threatening medium, unique outcomes are possible. With young children, music therapy provides a unique variety of music experiences in an intentional and developmentally appropriate manner to effect changes in a child’s behavior and facilitate development of his/her communication, social/emotional, sensorimotor, and/or cognitive skills.

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