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Morning Dove's Sidekicks

The Sidekicks program enables Morning Dove to provide equine-assisted services to individuals who might not be able to come to the therapeutic riding center. The miniature horses are less intimidating for people as well.

The Sidekicks offer the same benefits as a full-size horse; in that, horses mirror human interaction and personalities and have the same relationship-building capacity as humans.

Morning Dove’s miniature horses will be equine ambassadors for a community, and can provide people the opportunity to connect with these amazing animals. The minis can be used for animal-assisted therapy, school reading programs, corporate wellness, community appearances, public safety visits, etc.

Schools or After School Programs

Professor Peanut and his teacher's assistant, Banana, love to visit classes of all ages to educate students about horses or just pay a visit to add a little "mini therapy" session to the school day.

Nursing or Care Facility Visits

Peanut and Banana's favorite activity is getting pet. So, naturally, they love going to local nursing facilities to visit residents who love to pass out some pets!

Corporate Wellness Visits

Peanut and Banana love to visit to get pet, but are also trained to be part of some really fun team building activities.
They are a fun and unique addition to any planning day or just a selfcare day at the office.

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