That’s right folks! We’re loading up and taking the kids…to Special Olympics. Hannah Kocialski, Maddie Kaufman and Nick Simmons are going to take these Equestrian Games to the next level with Landon and Hazel in tow.

All three students will participate in English Equitation, Trail Riding and Horse Parts Identification, battling against other central Indiana equestrians for the coveted Gold Medal.

But, don’t worry! We’ve got it in the bag! Just ask Maddie.

“Special Olympics is always exciting, especially this year, because I’m riding my new horse, Landon,” Maddie Kaufmann said. “I’m hoping to show-off my independence in Equitation.”

Although Landon and Hazel are both first-timers, there is nothing to worry about. Maddie, Nick and Hannah are old-school veterans. They even have fan clubs. (Ok well, they have us. We are the fan club, but that’s still impressive.)

As the competition nears, everyone’s nerves are surprisingly calm.

Morning Dove loves to give back throughout the day as well. We bring a portable mounting ramp and provide tack checking support before each class.

Special Olympics is a great time for the equine-assisted therapy community in central Indiana to come together and celebrate the impact we are making.