Morning Dove’s horses are pretty special — carefully selected based on their gentle temperament, size, movement, health and overall fit with our riders’ needs. Each horse that comes to Morning Dove goes through an extended trial period to assess their fit for this special type of work. Our horses are well cared for with extensive pastures to graze, comfortable stalls and lots of love and attention from our staff and volunteers! Therapy horses receive special attention to keep them healthy and happy as therapy horses, including exercise, appropriate nutrition/supplements, farrier work, vacations, and the best veterinary care.

It is a very special horse that becomes part of the Morning Dove team!  If you have or know of a horse that might enjoy a second (or third) career as a therapy horse, give us a call!! (Sarah Holden, Currently we are looking to add a few horses to our herd:

  • Draft/draft cross – 15.3-16.1h sturdy, sound gently giant
  • Pony – under 14.2h who is patient and gently for our younger riders and our hippo therapy program
  • Small/Medium horse – ~15h

All of our horses must love people, be patient, novice/beginner friendly, enjoy games, trail rides and BE SOUND at walk, trot and canter!  Because our riders are often unbalanced and/or disabled, our horses must be sound and free of any chronic pain or lameness.  Ideal ages seem to be 12-18 years of age, although we have added older horses on a very selective basis.

Morning Dove’s preference is to “care lease” our hero horses from their loving families.  This means that we cover their care while they are with us, but, you retain ownership. This gives you the flexibility to bring your horse home when you want, and us the comfort in knowing that our hero horses have a safe and caring retirement home when they are ready.  Occasionally, we do accept donations of horses.  These horses and their circumstances are highly screened. Generally, we require that a horse that is to be donated be on the younger end of our age range.

Thank you for helping us to find the best horses for our team – they are certainly the heroes around Morning Dove!!



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